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Adjective-Noun-Pairs in the YFCC100m ::

About Adjective-Noun-Pairs

Adjective-Noun-Pairs (ANPs) are a way to enrich the meaning of detectable concepts in multimedia. By combining common nouns for objects with descriptive adjectives, a completely new approach for sentiment analysis or similar tasks has been introduced. See the Visual Sentiment Ontology for more information about this idea.

We have run the ANP classifier (as used for the Visual Sentiment Ontology) over the image data of the YFCC100m dataset to enrich most of the Images in the dataset with ANP labels. General results of the classification performance can be seen on this page. Additional results, specific for slices of the YFCC100m Dataset, can be seen on the according result pages after a search

Word typeCount
Expressive Combinations:2089
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