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Creation- and Upload-Times

The absolute distribution of creation- and upload-times for the complete YFCC100m dataset between 2000 and 2015, as supplied within the datasets metadata.

Number of User-Tags per Image or Video

A histogram for the number of tags given to each image and video of the YFCC100m dataset. Each bar shows the absolute number of images and videos, having the respective number of user-tags.

Global Distribution of Geo-Locations

Global distribution of geo-tagged images and videos within the YFCC100m dataset.

Common Machine-Tags

The most common combinations of Namespaces and Predicates used as Machine-Tags within the YFCC100m dataset.

Upload Volume

Upload volume of Creative Commons Images and Videos by Month for each Year, as provided in the YFCC100m dataset.

Availability of Textual Annotations

Availability and overlaps of the three main types of textual annotations within the YFCC100m Dataset: Titles, Descriptions and User-tags.

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