Sources | Synthetic RGB-D Dataset

3D Model Source License Download
Armadillo Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory N/A 7 MB
Happy Buddha 56 MB
Lucy 325 MB
Stanford Bunny 22 MB
Stanford Dragon 43 MB
Asian Dragon XYZ RGB Inc. 133 MB
Thai Statue 220 MB
Bob the Duck Keenan’s 3D Model Repository CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication 1.6 MB
San Diego Convention Center 22 MB
Spot the Pig 332 KB
Yeah Right (Skeleton) 33 MB
Utah teapot Martin Newell N/A 211 KB
3 Black Hooded Capes Royalty Free License 21.2 MB
3 D Men T-Shirt 73.8 MB
Comfortable Chair 7.99 MB
Electric Kettle 4.27 MB
Greco-Roman Renaissance Statue 25.2 MB
Indivi Sofa Replica 235 MB
Jacket 58.9 MB
Military Jeep Car 63.4 MB
Moonito di Bolzan Letti (Bed) 92.4 MB
Pullover Hoodie 2.02 MB
Rocking Chair Low-Poly 249 KB
Running Suit 367 MB
Skirt Midi (Dress) 42 MB
Sofa Low-Poly (Armchair) 12.3 MB
Spacecraft 5.02 MB
Stark Temper Cross-Country Mountain Bike 18.2 MB

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